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"I've been using your dry cleaning service quite frequently. I had one dress, that had a horribly large wine stain, and you all did an excellent job cleaning the dress. Thank you so much for your great help--the dress was expensive, and I would have hated to throw it out. After that great experience, I've been coming back with tailoring jobs. Those were also done very well. Your help has saved me a ton of my money!"

-Jenn B.Cambridge, MA2009 review

"One of my roommates recommended you guys for shoe repair. I brought my favorite pair of dress shoes to have the heels fixed, and you did a really nice job. We were talking about you all a few nights ago, and my roommate mentioned that he had white pants that had a salad dressing stain, and you were able to remove it completely. Keep up the great work! You're the preferred cleaners among my roommates!"

-Dave Z.Cambridge, MA2010 review

"I just moved from NYC to study here in Cambridge, and I had no idea where to find a good cleaners. I explored the Square a bit, and then I saw your business conveniently located near my apartment, and I came in, and started to use your wash & fold service. I've saved tons of time, because quite honestly, I don't know how to do my laundry. I'm happy with your prices and efficiency. Thanks so much."

-He Wong Z.Cambridge, MA2010 review

"I really did enjoy this place - its near my apartment, so, I can get there easy. I brought in my dress that needed tailoring and it was done in 3 days... I was so impressed with the job, that I gave them my shoes that were damaged for repairs it was also done great and fast. The staff was nice and I will go there again. I'd say if you want cheap good dry cleaning this is the place to go."

-Anonymous2009 review

"I have been in Arrow Cleaners few times so far and I had a very good experience with their services. I bought a dress which it needs a major of alteration and they did an excelent job. Another time I needed a big order for same day service and they did it on-time with a reasonable prices which I was surprised. I strongly recommend them to every one."

-Anonymous2009 review

"I just moved from Back Bay, and I was pretty surprised about the prices. It's convenient that I don't need to take a train to Lechmere to go get shoes fixed there, they conveniently have a tailor and cobbler that work here. The staff is very friendly, and I had a heel that broke nearby, and the cobbler asked me to wait half an hour, and he dropped what he was doing to fix my heels so I could be on my way. Arrow Cleaner has a wonderfully kind staff, I was really happy that I wouldn't have to run out and get new shoes, or wait around forever to get my shoes back. I would highly recommend them."

-Anonymous2011 Review

"I've gone here for dry-cleaning for a year and had them tailor a formal dress. I've always been happy with their service and price."

-Anonymous2009 Review

"I was recommended by my friend from Harvard to come here because she says it is a popular place among the students and she had a great experience there. I took my favorite suit for dry cleaning because there were coffee stains on it and they did an amazing job with it.

After, I tried the shoe repair service. I thought the shoes were beyond repair but surprisingly, they made my shoes look brand new - at reasonable prices too."

-Emily H.Saugus, MA2010 review

"These folks are amazing. Some of the jobs that they do, no one else could do for me. The tailor is fantastic. She's been in the business for a long time, and I love taking my clothes to her. Just by talking to her, you know that she is extremely knowledgeable. Since I don't know how to tailor, it's extremely helpful to have their services around here. Plus, their dry cleaning is done at an excellent price, so I never have to worry. I just keep taking my clothes (and shoes, of course!) there.

The shoe man is great, too. He's really good at replacing soles and heels. Let me tell you, having new and improved soles feels SO good when you're going to be wearing those shoes for long hours.

Try them for yourselves, they have coupons available online, anyway. Look them up on Google."

-Dan Z.Cambridge, MA2010 review

"They are the only cleaners I trust my clothing with . I have never once been disappointed .they are fast efficient and overall great. Also the price is very reasonable."

-Mike A.Malden, MA 2010 review

"I had a formal dress altered here and they did a perfect job as usual. Their seamstress is really excellent and they did everything in 24 hours.

The price was less than I expected."

-Anita T.Alexandria, VA2010 review

"I've brought my clothes here for 12 years and I haven't had a single problem. They are fast, efficient, and overall great. Their tailor does a really professional job, so I get all my alterations done here. I've been losing a lot of weight lately (finally!), and so these guys have been helping me with the alterations that need to be done to my suits. I'd say that I've taken 5 suits in for repair so far and each one looked fabulous--so no need for new clothes (yay)!"

-Tim L.Mid-Cambridge, MA2009 review

"They do an awesome job here-seriously.

I've been going here for 2 years and they've done a fantastic job cleaning my clothes, as well as tailoring them.

I liked their prices, and I know I'll keep coming back for more.

I've been in situations where I thought my dresses and jeans had no hope (as in, I was surprised they hadn't fallen apart), but when I took them to Arrow, I was seriously impressed by their great work."

-Nancy A.Mid-Cambridge, MA2009 review

"I came in to get a dress dry cleaned, they got it rushed for next day service. They get the job done well. Excellent prices and convenient, so I'm not complaining. I'd stop by again."

-Hilary2011 review

"Arrow Cleaners has been a place where my whole family including myself have brought our clothing to have it altered such as brides..."

-Cristina Carias2011 review

"I've been taking my cleaning to Arrow Cleaners for over thirty years. All work done there has been first-rate, and I appreciate and enjoy talking with the owners who work so devotedly there. Very professional, agreeable place."

-Gordon F. 2018 review

"This is a convenient place to get your dry cleaning done if you work in the area. The staff here is friendly, and the prices are very reasonable. I came here to get alterations done, they're pretty quick about getting it done within 2-3 days, as long as you specify it, the job for hemming is well done.

Well I don't know about the others, but my experience with this store is great! I first visited this store about two months ago, I've dropped a couple of my blouses, jeans for dry cleaning, also a pair of shoes that I needed the heels fixed. The guy who appears to be the shoe repair man was really friendly, he had given me a lot of tips on shoe care and he was generous, always smiling. I really have nothing bad to say about it, because my shoes turned out fantastic. Although it took almost a week for the shoes to be repaired, it was worth it. All my clothes were prepared on time too. I was very satisfied with my first time there.

As of now, I've been going there to get my clothes dry-cleaned and shoe repaired and tailored on a regular basis. I was happy to have found such a convenient dry cleaning and tailoring place to get my clothes and shoes done. If you ask me, this store is a very nice little store with nice people and satisfying service. They do take credit and debit cards too. If you are from the area and need to get some dry-cleaning, shoe repair and alteration done, this place is the place to be. I definitely recommend it.

From my understanding, they are reasonable with their time quotes, as long as you actually tell them what your needs are. It seems that you can get next day dry cleaning as long as you come in before 3 pm.

Cheap, especially for a student on a budget."

-Rebecca T.Boston, MA2010 Review

"I took my coat and trousers for alteration and cleaning to Arrow for the first time. I was warmly greeted and they gave me a 10% discount for being a new customer. The quality was excellent and the price was good. I would highly recommend Arrow Cleaners.....P.S. it's at a convenient location..."

-Sharon B.Lynn, MA2011 review

"I have used this establishment's dry cleaning, tailoring, shoe repair and leather care services over the last 15 years and they have consistently exceeded my expectations. Attendees are courteous, helpful and I am very pleased with the quality of their work.

I highly recommend their services..."

-A. R.Framingham, MA2010 review

"I like this place a lot! Their dry cleaning service is fantastic and fast. I bring all of my tailoring here, too, because the tailor is wonderful and always fixes my clothes perfectly. I had a bridesmaid dress that needed major alterations and she was so helpful! Arrow is conveniently located near my apartment, so it's the perfect dry cleaners for my needs. Highly recommend them!"

-Jane Z.Cambridge, MA2013 review

"I took in my favorite dress to have the zipper replace they did a good job same day service reasonable price and fast service I really needed this dress for a formal to attend so I'am thankful and content with their work."

-Edlyn C.Lynn, MA2013 review

"I have been using Arrow Cleaners services over the last 10 years and very satisfied with the quality of their work. They have consistently exceeded my expectations."

-E. C.Everett, MA2011 Review

"Arrow Dry Cleaners is our favorite family cleaners over 15 years. Also we do our alterations and shoe repair with Arrow and very satisfied.

Keep up the great job, Arrow."

-Marta R.Cambridge, MA2011 review

"I'am new to the city of Cambridge and recommended by my friend to take my alteration and dry cleaning to arrow cleaners .

I took my dress and skirt for alteration .they did an excellent job.

Arrow cleaners gave me 10% discount for being a new customer ."

-F. J.Philadelphia, PA2011 review

"My husband took a coat that belonged to his father that was very precious to him to have it altered because it was too big on him. Arrow cleaners did an amazing job as well the price was very reasonable. When his father saw the suit he was very satisfied with the way it looks so now he is as well bringing his suits to Arrow cleaners."

-Victoria M.Lynn, MA2011 review

"My wife just got her wedding gown cleaned here, and her dress looks as stunning as on our wedding day. It has a lot of sequins and sparkles and such, so we were worried that it couldn't be cleaned, but we decided to try cleaning it at Arrow because our friends told us that they're great. When we got it back from them, they had it in this elegant-looking box, and we were so pleased with how they cleaned it. This past week, I took some regular dry cleaning there a few times, because I've realized that this place is fantastic. I'd recommend them to anyone who looks for a quality job."

-Alex B.Boston, MA2010 Review

"Love 'em. Period.

I've been coming here since I was a student, back in 1985, and I'll come here for the rest of my life.

I've had many days where I've had to go to a meeting, but I've dropped things like coffee on my dress suits a few days before the meeting. I take my clothes to Arrow, and there's this really nice lady that always welcomes me and takes my clothes, and cleans them the SAME day. I come back in the evening, and I feel more relaxed because I know that my dress suit isn't a complete ruin for the meeting.

Their service is super fast (faster than anywhere else in town), cheap, and of exceptional quality. You'd be surprised by how a store that gets such bad reviews actually does a great job. ;)"

-Hyun L.Cambridge, MA2010 review